Nomads of Sehnsucht


Galerie Sehnsucht started as a gallery of photographic art at the iconic Hofbogen in Rotterdam, giving emerging and seasoned photographers a change exhibiting their work. After some years the gallery decided to read the sign of the times and decided to exchange the permanent location for a nomadic existence, organising pop-up exhibitions, workshops and small events in the middle of society, and outside the former gallery walls, while offering the collection for sale through digital, web-based and social channels.

Sehnsucht now is a collective of photographic artists who experiment with the borders of photography out of a feeling of curiosity or longing to cooperate and participate with the gallery in its activities. This will contribute to the development of interesting photography and the creation of a collection of photography with a distinct signature. The artists are Annemarie van Buuren, Nicole Hagesteijn, Mark van Hattem, Jacqueline Louter, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook, Leander Varekamp, Helma Vlemmings & John de Vos.